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...I'm bored. ._.) *rolls on the floor*

Hmm anyway. I was up until like 2:30AM yesterday(..today?) watching the second Kuromyu("The Most Beautiful Death in the World"(puta título grande haha xD Tem mais coisa depois disso, não tem?)).

I'm not really going to write much about it, but yeah.

1. SHOOOOOOOTAAAAAAAA!!!!!! *pinches cheeks* Hahaha so cute haha. x3
2. ;-; Why does Yuya have to sing so well dammit. *loves*
3. Grell!Takuya. TAKUYA. XDDDDDDDDDDD Definitely the spotlight of the entire musical, lmao. *lovelovelove* (and his singing got better! 8D)

Anyway. I liked it quite a bit, just thought the story was a little rushed. Until I realised the play had 2 hours already. 8D;;
My first thought when the shinigami appeared was "WTF", my second thought was "How are they ABLE to dance that thing with a straight face". My first thought when the Eric-Alan interaction started was "...Alan is the uke.". *idiot*

...And my first thought when the play ended actually was "I wonder if I can find any EricxAlan doujinshi."


Still, it was quite entertaining. :) I cried a bit at the end... ;-;) And during the whole play, I got this weird impression that they were speaking a little too loud ._.;) Like, forcing themselves to speak loud. Or something, idk.

Hnnn I guess I'll go watch the Kuroshitsuji seiyuu event now to see OnoD and Kaji-kun♡. ._.)~ If anyone's got suggestions of stuff for me to do, please do tell mee~! *bored*

PS: Happy (belated orz) Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] mah_marina!! :))

[EDIT] Uh, I should perhaps be kicked for saying this, but KRSTJ Valentine Seiyuu Event > Kuromyu. ._.)/ (...and I still think OnoD could totally play Sebby in the myus. He's seriously got the looks for it. And the voice. :/(please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks he's handsome? xD))
[EDIT2] I'll give a drawing to anyone who is able to sing at least the first part (until "aitai tai nai nai") of this without mistakes. 8D *has been trying for...quite...some time. orz* *retard, yo*
[EDIT3] *hours later* I DD IT! XD *points to edit above*
Also, the house is noisy lively again. :/ Sure, I missed my parents and all, but honestly? I could do with the peace and quiet for some more time.
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