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Fff It's 1:14AM, I woke up a bit too early tod--yesterday?, which means I'm absurdly sleepy and utterly incoherent right now and have no idea what the hell I'm doing online when I could be, idk SLEEPING or something.

But yeah, guess what? I has some "art"(lmao) to share! 8D~ Only 3 pictures, two of which are small gift-ish things for friends, but shareable nonetheless?Idek, haha. :)

First one, for my online twin(because we totally are♥), [livejournal.com profile] seminiray!
(click for higher resolution. :D It's pretty...big. *sweatdrop*)

Flat colours! \8D/ I was too lazy to colour it properly, sowee. orz My sister chose the colours. I personally don't like Spain's t-shirt that much, but she says it's nice, and I sort of trust her sense for this kind of...stuff. |D Also, I couldn't think of anything to put in the background. orz

Hmm. The idea for this came from an RP log between a friend and me, and, uh, well. It involved the Bad Touch Trio, so yay? xD;

1. K.O'd Lovi(even though he doesn't really, you know, appear.)
2. Gilbird being attacked.
3. Antonio's face.
4. Smashed tomato in Antonio's hand.


Second! For [livejournal.com profile] mami_xxx


いろいろ汚くてごめんね!><;;)特に彩色とか・・・。一応色を付けてみただけなんで・・・m(_ _)m
あと、メリカの頭、何故かデ カ イ。OTL

First time drawing some "real" USxUK. I, I feel like I've just betrayed Francis my OTP. )':
Also, I simply took the chance to try out a few brushes in this, but something tells me I SERIOUSLY NEED TO LEARN HOW TO COLOUR HAHA.orz

AND LASTLY! So I can redeem myself. :D

Drawing people kissing is kind of hard :/
Arthur's right hand was supposed to be on Francis shoulder but it's...not there. D: I'M POSITIVE IT WAS THERE BUT IT'S NOT THERE WHY IS IT NOT THERE I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER ERASING IT OTL. *ahem*

Ahaha they're so out of character. XD Let's just pretend both of them are too wasted to know any better, 'kay? :3

Next morning, Arthur will wake up naked on the same bed as Francis, and Francis will wake up with the ear-killing scream of his dearest enemy. Either that, or with a huge slap(/punch) on his face or something. :D He can also be thrown out of the bed... ah, so many possibilities. |D *cruel*

Or maybe Francis will wake up first, make them breakfast and get beaten when he goes wake Artie up, or later, when Artie is actually awake(because my headcanon has it that Arthur usually needs a little while plus a cup of tea to really wake up). ;3 The DV/Tough Love relationship shall resume anyway afterwards, so there.♥

I really like them being lovey-dovey/beta beta with each other though. ):

And that's all. :3 Also, since apparently no one here(save for dearest [livejournal.com profile] twinstrike, with whom I've already fangirled plenty. xD♥) likes Kuroshitsuji, I've decided to keep my fangirling over the musical to myself. :/

But yeah. I seriously need some sleep now. 8D; Sorry if I wrote anything weird, it's 2:23AM now and I have no idea what I'm doing anymore, haha. orz

G'night folks! *passes out*

PS: I forgot. Every drawing was entirely done in Easy Paint Tool SAI. :3 Except for the first one, which I'd sketched in my sketchbook and scanned. But it was finished in SAI anyway. |D
pffft. Did I make any sense at all? I totally didn't, did I?
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