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Do you remember this entry?

...Well, I do. 83;; )

:3 There are still 2 or 3 to go, I'll post them someday. 8D *kicked*

PS: I'm sorry for posting twice on the same day. orz


My humble threads for the donations-stuff:
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I'm bored, so what? :/

FrUK, Durarara!!, Seiyuu and other silly stuff under cut )

And that's it. :3 It was quite big this time, huh. That's the power of boredom for you.

Next time there may or may not be a WORKING!! dump. It'll depend on whether my laziness will let me draw or not. 8D;
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...I'm bored. ._.) *rolls on the floor*

Hmm anyway. I was up until like 2:30AM yesterday(..today?) watching the second Kuromyu("The Most Beautiful Death in the World"(puta título grande haha xD Tem mais coisa depois disso, não tem?)).

I'm not really going to write much about it, but yeah.I like cuts. 8D )

Hnnn I guess I'll go watch the Kuroshitsuji seiyuu event now to see OnoD and Kaji-kun♡. ._.)~ If anyone's got suggestions of stuff for me to do, please do tell mee~! *bored*

PS: Happy (belated orz) Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] mah_marina!! :))

[EDIT] Uh, I should perhaps be kicked for saying this, but KRSTJ Valentine Seiyuu Event > Kuromyu. ._.)/ (...and I still think OnoD could totally play Sebby in the myus. He's seriously got the looks for it. And the voice. :/(please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks he's handsome? xD))
[EDIT2] I'll give a drawing to anyone who is able to sing at least the first part (until "aitai tai nai nai") of this without mistakes. 8D *has been trying for...quite...some time. orz* *retard, yo*
[EDIT3] *hours later* I DD IT! XD *points to edit above*
Also, the house is noisy lively again. :/ Sure, I missed my parents and all, but honestly? I could do with the peace and quiet for some more time.
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So yay, I finished the first one! 83

I apologize for not respecting the order of the requests, but I just...idk had to do this first.

So, for dearest [livejournal.com profile] twinstrike and [livejournal.com profile] seminiray, who wanted "Crossdressing Ciel(Kuroshitsuji)".

clickty click! I had kinda wanted to add Sebby somewhere, just for the lolz if anything, but I figured if I did, things could end up getting a little out of hand(read: too much detail), so I decided against it. But yeah. I had a lot of fun with this!♥ I kind of enjoy coming up with detailed outfits and stuff once in a while(not all the time for I'm too lazy to actually do so), so this was really fun. The dress wasn't originally supposed to be, uh, torn, but I ended up destroying it a bit for the sake of composition. :) It's a pity that some of the details aren't showing, though. There are lots of frills and lace and girly stuff in the original design. Thinking about it now, I guess I kinda got a little too excited while creating it, haha.

Details aside, the drawing itself is rather simple, because although my mind was kind of overflowing with Kuroshitsuji ideas, none of them seemed to suit Lady!Ciel. In the end, it doesn't really look like him and the concept is just...really basic. :/ And the colouring is just as basic, by the way. I guess my love for flat colours is pretty obvious by now?♥;; And I guess it's also obvious that I got lazy by the time I started working on the thorns, haha. /kicked

So yes. It's not much, but I hope you like it. :) The picture is HUGE by the way, haha orz.
(And [livejournal.com profile] twinstrike, hun, I was doing the omake yesterday, but it was kind of turning into a 5P manga chapter, so uh...I'm not posting it. XD I haven't even finished it, actually, haha. orz I'll try to, erm, shorten it a little and post it later(maybe), kay?♥♥)

Oh, and by the way. The other drawings will most probably not be half as detailed as this one, unless inspiration strikes, like, hard. D: Kuroshitsuji just demands this kind of, say, "attention", because of the setting and general atmosphere of the series, which most definitely doesn't apply to Tenipuri or Hetalia, so um...I hope you don't mind?

PS: And Jiru-chan, I'll be online tonight, but probably only for a short while.
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Fff It's 1:14AM, I woke up a bit too early tod--yesterday?, which means I'm absurdly sleepy and utterly incoherent right now and have no idea what the hell I'm doing online when I could be, idk SLEEPING or something.

But yeah, guess what? I has some "art"(lmao) to share! 8D~ Only 3 pictures, two of which are small gift-ish things for friends, but shareable nonetheless?Idek, haha. :)

Beware!Crap under the cut. |D )

And that's all. :3 Also, since apparently no one here(save for dearest [livejournal.com profile] twinstrike, with whom I've already fangirled plenty. xD♥) likes Kuroshitsuji, I've decided to keep my fangirling over the musical to myself. :/

But yeah. I seriously need some sleep now. 8D; Sorry if I wrote anything weird, it's 2:23AM now and I have no idea what I'm doing anymore, haha. orz

G'night folks! *passes out*

PS: I forgot. Every drawing was entirely done in Easy Paint Tool SAI. :3 Except for the first one, which I'd sketched in my sketchbook and scanned. But it was finished in SAI anyway. |D
pffft. Did I make any sense at all? I totally didn't, did I?


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